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The Benefits of an Aligned Curriculum - Part 1

Teachers go to college to learn to be teachers. They are trained to be instructional specialists, who are often not trained to design curriculum from a unit of study or course viewpoint. Yet, when educators are given the time and guidance to design units of study using alignment protocols, it often leads to profound insights and positively impacts learning and instruction. When undertaking the creation of, or improvement in, a school's, district's, or higher-ed's curriculum alignment, it’s important to determine the intent and purposes for the protocols you ask teachers to use to create a well-aligned curriculum. It is also critical for a leadership team--once they have watched the video and participated in discussions based on the conversation starter document*--to pose and answer these questions:

  • what can be done now?
  • what can be done later?
  • who will be responsible for training and providing feedback once we initiate our new (or upgraded) alignment protocols?


*To connect to the Curriculum Spark blog post that includes the conversation starter document: click here.