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Curriculum Mapping Consulting, Training, and Appraising

CMI Janet has been involved in curriculum mapping since the 1990’s, and authored the best-selling book, A Guide to Curriculum Mapping: Planning, Implementing, and Sustaining the Process. She works with schools, districts, dioceses, colleges, and universities both nationally and internationally. Her experience and expertise in all aspects of curriculum mapping, including pre-planning, implementation, and advanced mapping, prove beneficial to those she assists.


When Janet works with a school, district, or higher-ed program, she believes it is essential to:

  • Ask questions to learn more about your past and current curriculum, assessment, and instructional practices
  • Understand your current culture and climate from both administrative and teacher perspectives 
  • Take into account how your vision, mission, and strategic plans play a role in your curriculum-mapping initiative
  • Personalize your curriculum-mapping process to aid in meeting your short- and long-range goals


If you are starting your curriculum mapping journey, or wanting to refine or advance your mapping implementation, Janet offers a variety of customizable services that involve both in-person sessions and virtual-meeting support.





Janet offers short- and long-range consulting services designed to aid you in your curriculum mapping processes. Here are a few popular focuses she often provides:

  • Strategic planning for implementation of, or advanced work in, curriculum mapping
  • Recommendations for synthesizing multiple initiatives through a curriculum mapping lens
  • Creation of, and training for, targeted leadership teams based on “let’s do this now” versus “let’s do that later” goals
  • Recommendations for processes for upgrading map units, as well as instructional practices, to support modern learning, assessing, and teaching


It was our good fortune to have joined forces with Janet Hale as we began our journey into curriculum mapping this past year. Through her stewardship, support, and smiles, our teachers are beginning to have those rich collegial dialogues that lead to best practices and a greater understanding of the curriculum. We will continue to draw on Janet’s expertise and insights. She has won a special place in the hearts of our administrators, principals, cabinet members, and faculty!
—Assistant Director, Educational Services Center, Pueblo School District




Janet offers a wide variety of curriculum mapping and related trainings. Here are several popular training focuses:

  • Curriculum Mapping 101 — series of trainings for those who are just getting started, or wanting to obtain a deeper understanding
  • Gaining Standards Literacy — series of trainings include how to read standards with a deeper-understanding lens, and how thinking deeper about how standards affect curriculum map design or revision, both horizontally and vertically
  • Bullseye Prioritizing Standards — training to determine Critical, Need to Know, and Still Need to Know Standards that, once prioritized systemically, affects designing curriculum maps’ units of study (similar to Power Standards)
  • Systemic Mapping — series of trainings with across grade level/course teams to determine transfers, progressions, and grade-level or course-specific learning and assessment expectations
  • Upgrading Map Units/Instructional Plans — trainings are based on the components included in Janet’s book, Upgrade Your Curriculum, as well as current modern-learning recommendations and practices
  • Quality Map Writing with Systemic Design in Mind — series of trainings including multiple meetings, coaching, and feedback opportunities based on the learning organization’s goals and desires

art brushesJust as there is an art to painting a portrait, there is an art to designing curriculum. Learning how to write quality curriculum maps is a sophisticated task. Janet’s strategic training aids teachers in establishing, adjusting, or enhancing their abilities to write quality units that increases the accuracy of interpreting student-learning expectations and elevates collaborative curriculum reviews and decision-making within and across grade levels, courses, and programs.

  Click here to see a map unit's before, mid-way, and at the conclusion of a series of quality map writing trainings.


Janet is a breath of fresh air. She has helped the teachers of our Diocesan schools see the big picture in terms of curriculum, while at the same time helping them with step-by-step training through the mapping processes. Janet is honest about there being a necessary time commitment to mapping, but presents the process in such a way that no one is overwhelmed. The purpose of mapping is student learning, and Janet is exceptional in helping teachers keep focused on that goal.
—Associate Superintendent of Schools, Diocese of Kansas City - St. Joseph




Janet’s expertise in writing quality map units of study, both from a vertical and horizontal lens, enables her to provide educators with a variety of in-person and virtual appraisal services to ensure your map units truly convey their intended messages. Here are a few popular appraisal focuses: 

  • Calibrate both internal and external alignment of map elements based on relationship among the elements, including standards expectations
  • Facilitate review-and-feedback sessions to revise map units using a C.L.E.A.R. appraisal customized for your curriculum framework or model (e.g., traditional curriculum, Understanding by Design®, Project-Based Learning)
  • Conduct master classes wherein a volunteer participant is willing to be appraised and advised “live” concerning the quality of one or more map elements in a selected unit, while remainder of participants work to improve the quality of their map units’ same element(s) based on questions, coaching, and feedback exchanges with volunteer participant


Janet is the BEST! She is awesome, dynamic, empowering, and enthusiastic! To us, Janet is "Curriculum Mapping." She has a wealth of knowledge, and is willing to share it any time, any place. 
—Kindergarten Team, Lodi Unified School District


Janet is known for her caring nature and ability to support and motivate teachers, leadership teams, and administrators who are facing the challenges of new learning or concepts. She is also recognized for explaining complex information in an easy and accessible manner that aids educators in establishing, refining, or upgrading their curriculum, assessments, and instruction.


To discuss your learning organization’s specific mapping needs, please complete a Curriculum Mapping Needs Survey
Janet will respond within 24 hours.


To contact Janet directly, please call her at 520.241.8797, or email her using this contact form.

Additional Testimonials

Janet has been our lighthouse ever since we met her at a national conference. 
We felt lost at sea with our curriculum-mapping initiative and Janet turned on the light and led us to where we needed to be. Her knowledge of all areas of curriculum, and curriculum mapping, has been awesome for our district!

—Curriculum Mapping Co-Coordinator, Lakeville Area Schools


Janet has such enthusiasm and passion for curriculum mapping. She understands our trials and tribulations in mapping, and has honored our desire to make curriculum mapping “our own.” 
Janet’s energy keeps us focused on the goal of curriculum mapping—student achievement!

—Director of Instruction, Weld Re-4


We attended a workshop presented by Janet and met with her after for a consultation time. 
We knew immediately that she could lead us through this process. She has never proven us wrong! 
Her visits, without exception, have left us with information, direction, renewed enthusiasm, and encouragement to keep moving forward. Her blend of expertise, energy, patience, and kindness create the perfect formula for success. Thank you, Janet!

—Assistant Superintendent, Octorara Area School District