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curriculum decisions

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Keynoting ⠂Consulting ⠂Training

Janet is dedicated to providing premium professional learning concerning curriculum, instruction, and assessment development or improvement that empowers educators and improves student achievement.


starJanet brings energy and enthusiasm to her keynote presentations. She tailors each keynote to meet the targeted focus and audience needs. She is oftentimes asked to engage her audience by posing new ideas or perspectives, explaining foundational concepts, or creating excitement for a new initiative. Keynotes typically last 60 to 90 minutes, and may or may not involve follow-up sessions with smaller groups.




CM Cabinet RetreatJanet works alongside administrators and leadership teams to create customized short- and long-term strategic plans for their learning organization’s curriculum, instruction, and/or assessment goals. Strategic planning often includes establishing purpose and goals, roles and responsibilities for all stakeholders, implementation phases or steps, and checkpoint strategies to ensure desired outcomes. She also assists in troubleshooting and coaching schools, districts, and higher-ed programs in strategic-planning revisions based on their current implementation concerns and desired goals. Consulting services most often begin with in-person meetings, followed by virtual sessions and, when appropriate, additional on-site meetings or trainings.




Lebanon Summer WorkInteractive training sessions are available for a variety of topics and focuses, including creating curriculum maps, designing project-based learning units of study, developing authentic assessments and performance tasks, developing standards literacy and alignment, upgrading (modernizing) learning and teaching, and documenting learning.


Puzzle ActivityJanet’s sessions are personalized for participants with an emphasis on authentic application that improve student learning and empower professional learning. Training can take place through on-site workshops (laying a foundation of understanding, exploration, and application plans), on-site work sessions (coach-based training, often using a flipped model), and virtual follow-up sessions (based on results of on-site workshop/work-session focuses).

Sample Focuses




  • Curriculum Mapping

  • Curriculum Design

  • Upgrading Student Learning

  • Upgrading Professional Learning

  • Standards-based Learning and Teaching

  • Beginning to Advanced Curriculum Mapping

  • Upgrading (Modernizing) Curriculum, Instruction, Assessments

  • Documenting OF/FOR/AS Learning

  • Standards Literacy

  • Standards-Resource Gap Analysis

  • Project-Based Learning

  • Launching or Advancing a Curriculum Mapping Initiative

  • Systemic Alignment: Why Does It Matter?

  • Contemporary Learning and Teaching



To discuss your learning organization’s needs, please contact Janet via:

Cell: 520.241.8797  ⠂ E-mail: Contact Form ⠂ Skype: janethale

Or complete a survey appropriate to your curriculum-decision needs: 

Curriculum Mapping  ⠂ Standards  ⠂ Curriculum Design